• ZUGOL Universal Absorbent

    Versatile – useable for car dealers and workshops, manufacturing, for waste disposal and to remove environmental contaminations. 100% natural and sustainable. Tested by Dekra Automobile GmbH with the classification Type II R SF.

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  • ZUGOL Oil Absorbent for car service stations, garages and workshops

    Absorbs and removes oils, greases and other fluid chemicals in car service stations and specialist automotive workshops.

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  • ZUGOL Universal Absorbent for petrols and fuels

    Quickly and safely cleans up and completely absorbs spilled fuels such as petrol or diesel.

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  • ZUGOL Universal Absorbent for fluid chemicals and acids

    Reliably absorbs fluid or pasty chemicals and acids and can be easily used after accidents and breakdowns.

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  • ZUGOL Universal Absorbent for oils and petrols

    ZUGOL does not absorb water and efficiently prevents the spreading of oil leaks and other dangerous chemicals on water.

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This is ZUGOL

ZUGOL is a highly efficient, environmentally friendly absorbent for removing oil, petrol, alkalis, grease, paint, acids and other chemicals.

ZUGOL is made of the bark of Swedish pine trees, which is thermally processed and produced without the addition of chemical additives. 
Even after use, ZUGOL is still useful because it is easily compostable and thus returns to the natural cycle. The perfect absorbent for removing chemical contaminants.

ZUGOL has been tested by Dekra Automobil GmbH with the classification Type II R SF (as of 12/2018).

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ZUGOL - environmentally friendly universal absorbent

Areas of use

ZUGOL absorbs almost all liquid and pasty chemicals and due to its excellent properties it can be used in many areas.

Oil absorbent: biodegradable absorbent for car service stations and garages

Automotive Industry

Oil absorbent for workshops

Workshops / Service

Universal absorbent for road maintenance

Road Maintenance

Universal Absorbent for chemicals to be used by fire brigades and emergency services

Fire Brigades / Emergency

Oil Absorbent for environmental and civil protection

Environmental / Civil Protection

Universal absorbent for craft businesses

Craft Businesses

Environmentally friendly absorbent for construction and renovation

Construction & Renovation

Reliably, compostable absorbent for surface renovation

Surface Renovation

Outstanding Properties

ZUGOL absorbs oils, fuels, solvents, emulsions, fats, paints, acids, alkalis, liquid chemicals (except nitric acid) and removes unpleasant odours.

ZUGOL reacts with light oil derivatives and absorbs them completely in a very short time. ZUGOL also immediately reacts with viscous oil products or paints. Absorption speed depends on their respective viscosity.

ZUGOL Universal Absorbent properties

ZUGOL does not absorb water and thus can be used as a reliable protective barrier against the spread of oil spills on water.


ZUGOL is a highly effective universal absorbent with high absorbency. 1kg ZUGOL absorbs …

2,04 kg
petrol / gas

3,40 kg

2,34 kg

1,78 kg

3,07 kg
Crude Oil

4,99 kg
Bunker Oil

4,33 kg

Advantanges of ZUGOL

ZUGOL is a 100% natural substance that is obtained from renewable raw materials – a purely natural product without any chemical additives.

ZUGOL sustainably produced universal absorbent


ZUGOL: Non-toxic universal absorbent for oils and chemicals


ZUGOL biodegradable oil absorbent


ZUGOL oil absorbent no risk to health

No risk to health

ZUGOL non inflamable oil absorbent


ZUGOL oil absorbent easy to use

Easy to use

This is how ZUGOL works

ZUGOL contains highly effective microorganisms that feed on oil and biodegrade pollutants. That’s why ZUGOL not only absorbs chemical impurities, but actively converts them into degradation products that are harmless to humans, animals and the environment. This makes ZUGOL the only organic absorbent that has the same or better absorption properties than other mineral or chemical absorbents.

ZUGOL is so effective that it meets the requirements of the Closed Substance Cycle Act better than almost any other product. The environmentally friendly production and ZUGOL’s simple application both have a positive effect on the CO2 balance.

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ZUGOL Universal Absorbent

Easiest disposal

After using ZUGOL®, the contaminated material can be recycled without any problems – to obtain mulch, to clean up contaminated soil on landfills or to improve the calorific value in incineration plants. ZUGOL® has an extremely low residue on ignition of max. 4%.

ZUGOL® complies with the disposal regulations in Germany and in the private sector can even be used to promote composting.

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